#35 – The Easy Way

It’s finding a balance, making sure you’re feeding your creativity in the things that inspire you, and trying to make the things that you’re not so hot on as quick and easy as possible… We live in a society that is very time-poor, and it is easy to lose that time and not have the time you need in the kitchen. Alison

Even though this seems to be a podcast all about doing things the challenging, slow, ancestral way – we actually love doing things the easy way! We are big believers in finding the best of both worlds, and merging ancestral food wisdom with convenience in our modern kitchens (indoor plumbing, anyone?).

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The Run Down:

01:24 A review from a listener

02:52 What we ate!

14:11 Heading into the main topic!

16:45 Sauerkraut

Why can’t we take the best of both worlds? Why do we have to go so hard one way or the other? Why can’t we say look, there was a lot of wisdom, there was some stuff that wasn’t so good, but take the things that are valuable and continue to use them. You’re marrying that wisdom of how cabbage can be treated, but finding that shortcut. Andrea

Note: 1.37 grams salt : 100 grams cabbage

24:00 Bread & Soaking Grains

Really, bread doesn’t have to be that complicated. Part of it is expectation setting… If you want to feed your family and yourself predigested, fermented, healthy grains, you can do that without spending hours on it. Alison

40:15 Batch Cooking, Breakfast

45:25 The Kitchen Canon

58:00 Rendering Fat, Grinding Meat and Organs, Kefir Herbal Infusions

01:03:00 Time: The easy way to have more time

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My family size hasn’t caught up to my pan size yet. Andrea

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The question is not how much does the youth know, but how much does he care? Charlotte Mason

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2 Responses

  • I working my way through your “old” episodes and just wanted to say how much I loved the common sense of this one.

    Last night I added a couple tablespoons of my sourdough to a dough for a galette this morning and it was great! I never would have thought of that myself and appreciate so much the ways to make this lifestyle doable for me.

    • Oh, galette sounds very nice. What flour did you use and how did you eat it?! Thank you for your words. Andrea and I both feel very strongly that it shouldn’t always have to be *hard*!

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