Sourdough Polenta Bread

Once you’ve made sourdough polenta (learn how in my video here) you can use the leftovers to make this sourdough polenta ‘loaf’. It’s easy, tasty and so handy – you can pop in the fridge (it’ll last at least five … Read More

Sourdough Polenta

Polenta doesn’t have to be all about corn, *and* you can ferment it making a tangy, pre-digested, filling dish. Watch the video below to see how easy it is! (Download written instructions here). I have another video that’ll show you … Read More

Sourdough Porridge

Fermenting oats into sourdough oatmeal or porridge is easy and has so many benefits: The oats will be softer, cook more quickly and be easier to digest. The resulting oatmeal will be more nutrient-dense thanks to reduction of the mineral-leaching … Read More

#72 – All About Spelt Sourdough

Spelt is a wonderful, economical alternative to wheat. I’ve been baking with it for a decade now and I love its deep, nutty flavour, its flexibility and its digestibility – many people who don’t get on with wheat can enjoy spelt, especially if it’s in a sourdough loaf. Whether you’ve tried spelt or not, this episode will give you everything you need to know to get the most from this grain in your own kitchen.… Read More