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My Sourdough Spelt eCookbook!

Want to bring sourdough spelt breads, pancakes, pizzas and cakes to life in your kitchen? My new book, Sourdough Spelt Everyday will help you do just that. I’ve been baking with spelt for a decade and LOVE it’s versatility and … Read More

My Favourite Bakeware

I have baked bread and pizza in ceramic, non-stick and glass bakers as well as using casserole dishes and Dutch ovens. Here are my current favourite ways to bake: Emile Henry Loaf Baker This ceramic baker gives the most amazing … Read More

#51 – Your Sourdough Questions Answered

“How do I use different ancient grains in making sourdough bread?” “How do they behave differently from wheat?” “How do I freeze and store dough or finished bread?” “And why do all those loaves on Instagram look like THAT, and mine looks like THIS?” All these questions and many more crop up when we discuss sourdough bread.… Read More