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My Sourdough Spelt eCookbook!

Want to bring sourdough spelt breads, pancakes, pizzas and cakes to life in your kitchen? My new book, Sourdough Spelt Everyday will help you do just that. I’ve been baking with spelt for a decade and LOVE it’s versatility and … Read More

Sourdough Oatcakes

Oatcakes were the one of the staple foods of the Scottish, Welsh, Irish and nothern English populations long before the advent of the more modern grain, wheat. The ‘cake’ in their name may make our modern minds think that they … Read More

Milk Kefir Spelt Bread

There are so many other ways to naturally ferment bread than sourdough. Any form of live culture – yogurt, sauerkraut, beer – is a potential bread-maker! In this recipe, I’ll show you one of my favourite methods; using milk kefir … Read More