Have you wet-rendered fat? . I finally got some local grass-fed beef fat and since Ximena over at @thefunctionalforce opened my eyes to using water and salt in rendering I’ve been excited to give the wet method a go! . I watched Marisa’s @bumblebeeapothecary video on You Tube twice then dove in! It was more fiddly and took more time than my usual dry rendering *but* I’ve ended up with a tallow that is really clean and virtually odourless. . It’ll keep longer like this and I’ll be able to use it for face cream, something I’ve been wanting to make for ages. . This pic is from the first render, I’m straining the ‘cooked’ fat through muslin and catching the liquid (a mixture of tallow and water/salt) underneath. After this I did a second render of the tallow, with more salt and water, to help eliminate impurities. . Check my story today for more pictures and some video of the final product! . Happy July 4th to my USA friends :-)