I love sauerkraut. But making it can often seem like a chore. There are other things I’d rather be doing…baking some bread, reading about the joys of lard, trying to replicate a dish I just heard about… . Creativity in the kitchen is important. Anything we can do to to minimise the time we spend on the routine – the things we want but the making of which doesn’t fire us up – allows us more time to engage with our passions, which keeps those fires of inspiration burning! . Sauerkraut doesn’t need to take all day, bread doesn’t have to be complicated, your sourdough starter should not run your life, herbal ‘supplements’ can be easily incorporated into food…all things that @farmandhearth and I talk about in this week’s podcast. Listen in to hear some easy ways to make your kitchen quicker and simpler. . And if you’ve got your own ‘easy way’, a time/energy-saving method that you’ve honed, do let us know! . You can find us as @ancestralkitchenpodcast on your app, or download/stream via the link in my profile.