Millet Gnocchi (Egg & Gluten-Free)

I love millet! It’s a tasty, economical, gluten-free and ecologically-sustainable grain which is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Since having recorded a podcast episode dedicated to this wonderful grain, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making millet … Read More

The Best Way to Soak Oats

Oatmeal, or porridge, is a wonderful way to start the day. And soaking your oats the night before you cook them can make the breakfast you consume tastier, easier to digest and more nutritious. Soaking oats potentially, depending on how … Read More

High Protein Breakfast Ideas

Have you heard that you should be ‘eating more protein’, but not had the time to figure out how much more or how exactly to get it into your meals, especially that all-important breakfast? This article will explain protein recommendations, … Read More