I’m Alison, an ancestral food advocate who shares her love for this healing and sustainable way of eating through writing and podcasting.

I’ve been on quite a health journey – losing half my body weight, reversing infertility and using food to work through my family’s chronic health issues. These experiences have given me an incredible belief in the power of food – as a source of joy, connection and so much healing.

Through our food choices we have the ability to transform our own lives and to remake our society.

Learn more about me:

I share openly and honestly. If you’d like to know more, you can dive into any of my resources below:

My journey, in writing: Come Sit At My Table and I’ll Tell You a Story.

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How I birthed peacefully: My Son Gabriel’s Natural Birth.

The latest installment in my journey: Letting Go Of A Dream…I’m Leaving Italy.

I’m currently taking a break from Instagram, but you can find my many posts at @ancestral_kitchen.

Media interviews:

‘What Is Ancestral Eating?’: Interview with The Storied Recipe podcast.

My Metabolic Healing Journey: Video interview with The Functional Force (in English with Spanish subtitles)

Living Ancestrally in a Modern World: Interview with the Farm 2 Future podcast

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