I'd like regular ancestral cooking emails!

The Ancestral Kitchen podcast is my bi-weekly hour of joy – I get to sit down with Andrea Huehnerhoff and have an unbridled chat about being a passionate ancestral home cook!

She lives on a newly-created family farm in north-west Washington state, many miles away from my townie apartment kitchen here in Italy. And yet we’re tied together – we’re both centering our lives on the wisdom of ancestral cooking and eating.

I’d love for you to pull up a chair and join us.

And I’ve much gratitude to my hubby, Robert Michael Kay, who does the audio production for us and who wrote the theme. You can find him at www.robertmichaelkay.com

Bonus Episode! The 2022 Ancestral Kitchen Challenge

“The Ancestral Kitchen Challenge is here to spark your creative fire!” Andrea We are excited to announce the 2022 Ancestral Kitchen Challenge! This challenge is designed to spark excitement and creativity in your kitchen and hopefully push you in a … Read More

#22 – Book Stacks for the New Year

“Find who inspired the person who inspired you.” – Andrea We got together to share our book stacks for 2022 with each other and both our lists got longer in the process! Alison dived in depth with a few titles … Read More

#18 – Comfort Foods

Think you have to give up comfort foods when you start eating ancestrally? Listen in to hear Alison and Andrea share their own comfort foods and discuss the fine line between a comforting food and an addiction. … Read More

#17 – Pre, Pro, Parapro & Post – Biotics

Biome-enhancing biotics aren’t just about the well-known *pro*biotics. Listen in to hear all about the whole range of biotics, including prebiotics, probiotics, paraprobiotics and postbiotics. You’ll hear about the latest research into good bacteria as well as practical tips for including more of them in your diet.… Read More

#16 – Chef Aran Goldstein

Alison and Andrea got the opportunity to sit down with Chef Aran Goldstein and talk to him about his life and experience with food. He shares his incredible perspective on food and the way our kitchens invite beautiful, complex cultural and family experiences!… Read More

#15 – Our Favorite Kitchen Tools

Cooking three meals a day from scratch, fermenting and baking bread – they all require kitchen equipment. But how much of it is actually essential? What’s really useful, and how do you manage it in a small space? Listen to Alison and Andrea share what equipment is in their kitchens, what they use it for and how they manage it.… Read More