This is the historic, probiotic drink Boza made and deliciously photographed by student of my course @bigbank2riverbank . I drink my Boza straight, sometimes heated, often with cinnamon and also in smoothies, but I’ve not yet grated dark chocolate on the top as Mary has done here. . Boza hails from Turkey and has been made for centuries. Like kombucha, it’s slightly alcoholic, and before harder forms of alcohol came to Turkey, it was a drink enjoyed widely. There used to be hundreds of Boza bars in Istanbul and men wandered the street at night selling the freshly-made drink from pails they hung from their necks. . I make a big jar of this every week at home. The flavour is sweet, tart and it fizzes on your tongue. It’s a wonderful gluten-free and dairy-free probiotic and it’s such fun to drink. . If you fancy bringing this into your world, my video course will walk you through. The link is in my profile. . More beautiful pictures going in my story today :-)