#40 – 26,000 Nutrient-Dense Meals with Lunch Leader Hilary Boynton

“Last year we served 26,000 meals to kids and that’s not including snacks…next year 44,000 meals.”

Today we talk with an amazing woman. Hilary Boynton is not only a mother feeding 6 kids, she’s not only the author of the GAPS cookbook Heal Your Gut, but as you just heard she’s a powerhouse who went into her kid’s school and when offered the keys to the kitchen, said yes and transformed the menu serving them nutrient dense foods like organ meats, raw butter and kefir, bone broth and beet kvass.

Listen in to hear:

  • How, as a mum, she took over her children’s school food, transforming what was served into real, nutrient dense food.
  • The differences she’s witnessed to the children, the parents and the school community.
  • How she’s taken what she’s learnt and is teaching others to be lunch leaders globally.
  • How she’s stayed sane through all of this; mothering 6 children whilst also working from 5am to feed a school.

Hilary has vision, enthusiasm and such a go-do-it attitude yet she’s also incredibly practical, forgiving and loving. You won’t fail to be inspired.

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The Run Down:

“If you start them early and they eat this way through 12th grade there is no way you’re not changing the trajectory of their health”

0:00 How Hilary regularly does breakfast

9:00 Feeding her own children

14:20 How Hilary got involved with food at her children’s school and how she transformed it

“I reached out to everyone who could help me”

22:40 The differences Hilary has seen

28:30 How Hilary’s sharing this by training lunch leaders

“It’s not just a cooking class, it’s a life changer!”

32:00 Hilary’s move to Austin, Texas

35:20 Community-building

“80-90% of our food costs go back into our local food system”

40:30 Hilary’s dream

45:50 Top-down/bottom-up system change

51:00 How do we want to live?

1:03:30 How Hilary looks after herself personally

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“I’ve been through 0-18 and every stage is different”

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Hilary’s book: The Heal Your Gut Cookbook in our favourite UK online bookstore

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“There is no more precious resource than our children!”

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