Making lardo, the traditional Italian pork fat cure, using local fat, garden herbs and Sicilian salt. . I don’t have space to hang cures, but there’s no need here – this will sit in my fridge, covered and weighted for weeks doing its thing. . And then I’ll slice it as thinly as I can and fry it super-crispy for a crunch, put it on pizzas and let its fat soak into the dough, wrap bits of fruit in it and eat raw…all the things! . Can’t wait. . @farmandhearth and I had an interesting discussion on whether pork is healthy (and why some people chose not to eat it) in the latest Kitchen Table Chat podcast, recorded for patrons of @ancestralkitchenpodcast. If you love our podcast and want more, becoming a patron it might be for you. You can go to for all the details.