This is tempeh. But not just any tempeh. It’s made from black chickpeas in small batches by @mugellotempeh. I bought it at my local farmers market. . It’s the second time I’ve tried tempeh. The first time I bought it, wrapped in plastic, from a nationwide health store. I did my best when cooking it, but it wasn’t that great. . This time, with tempeh that’s come from a small creator, and armed with instructions I learnt in @kirstenkshockey’s 30 days of fermentation course, it is a totally different food!! Check my story today for a market-to-table walk through of the process! . I am constantly amazed at how different food tastes when we pay attention and love to the process of creating it! Yes, it might cost us more to buy from a small producer but we’ll eat less because we’re satisfied *and* we’re actively building a world that is sane and healthy, not industrial. . If you haven’t tried tempeh, go look for a local producer (or make some yourself – Kirsten has a book on it so you’re covered!) . Listen to episode #48 of @ancestralkitchenpodcast to hear the interview with @kirstenkshockey where we talk about many things fermentation, including tempeh and her 30 day course.