Did you grow up with tins of oxtail soup in the cupboard?! . Here’s my first foray into ‘proper’ oxtail. . If you want to taste (and I’m telling you, it’s delicious!) do the following: . Purchase an oxtail from a farmer doing good things (thank you @valledelsasso). . Fry it till sealed, adding some red wine to the pan at the end. . Transfer to a slow-cooker or big pot on low. Add water, root veg and a bit of tomato paste. Leave it to do its thing. . Remove when falling off bone. Eat as is, with the stock (which is crazily-good) or shred and mix into dishes, or blend and make soup. . I’m doing this again in future. It’s much, much better than the tinned soup of my childhood :-) . Lots more pics and videos in my story today which will be saved to my nose-to-tail highlight if you’re here later.