Yesterday’s oxtail made the most amazing supper with a slice of sourdough bread generously coated with lard. . After I’d finished eating, I sat down to read Dorothy Hartley’s classic, Food in England, which @charlieb_eattheearth recommended. As if by magic, I landed on the ‘Oxtail Pot’ and ‘Oxtail Soup’ recipes. Now I want to have another go! And I’m looking forward to chatting about the possibilities with @farmandhearth in our next ’round-the-table’ patreon-exclusive podcast. . There’s a video of the falling-off-the-bone meat in my feed yesterday and lots more pics in my nose-to-tail highlight. . As always, thank you @valledelsasso for the oxtail and the backfat and the incredible work you do. . If you make oxtail, let me know what you do with it!