How many books do you have on the go at the moment? . Want some more?! . I’m reading four right now and holding myself back from many more! . The four I’ve got on the go are: . @historicalitalianfood’s Chewing the Fat (top in the stack!) The Essential Herbal Medicine by Simon Mills How to Brew by John Palmer Contadino 2.0 featuring Flavio at @valledelsasso (in Italian, started this *ages* ago and am determined to finish it!) . Lined up for after these, I have Defending Beef by Nicolette Hahn Niman, Eating to Extinction by @dan.saladino, Wild Brews by Jeff Sparrow and ValdiSieve e Lode (again in Italian, again featuring my farmer!) . After even these, there are two or three more I definitely want to get to – including Nourishing Fats by @sallyfallonmorell and Taste and the TV chef by @foodgillysmith. . Will there be time for *anything* else this year?! After recording today’s podcast with @farmandhearth and hearing all the books she is diving into, I’m not sure. . What are you reading? . What do you want to read this year? . Inspire me some more!