My first ever home-cured lardo with local back fat from @valledelsasso! . If you’ve not tried lardo, look out for it; it’s amazing. Traditionally-cured in marble basins for months, it’s mouth-melting and so flavourful. . I don’t have a marble basin (or a hanging shed) so I played with process a bit, using baking paper and weighing it down with water-filled olive oil bottles! . The cure was rosemary, juniper, salt and sugar. I left it on for a few weeks (not sure exactly how long, gotta write down what I do next time!), and then rinsed off, re-wrapped and left for a couple of months. . Having tasted some raw (yum!), we’re going to cover one of my spelt pizza doughs in it today and let all that deliciousness soak into the crust as it cooks.