Climate change keeps me awake at night. How to get society to make the changes we need to? How to equalise injustice and give everyone the right to make fair choices? How to get governments to champion global health, not profit? . I totally believe we can change the world by changing what’s on our plate. And, listening to @cfigueres #outrageandoptimism podcast last night, it was *so* good to hear climate experts speaking truth about the role that food plays in the issues that we are facing. . Last weekend, the agriculture ministers from the G20 met in Florence and my family and I marched with small farmers and artisans who want and need to get their voices heard above the cacophony of industry, red-tape and marketing. . But as @farmandhearth and I were talking about on a podcast recording yesterday, it’s everyday, repeated *action* that will make the difference. It’s this action that I want to embody and share through the work that I do. Yes, I love, love, love being in the kitchen, but I also love *real* food. When we chose real food we create community and we look after the world. I want that around me. I am fortunate enough to be able choose to run my kitchen and my life in the pursuit of that. . What one thing would I have those who live, like me, in the affluent west, do? Buy local. Check out the @ancestralkitchenpodcast episode on Quitting Supermarkets if you need any encouragement, inspiration or help. . I know there are so many more here that feel the same as I do, with their hands in the soil or on the chopping board. Thank you all for doing what you do. I wish I could hug you.