This is a home-ground 100% wholegrain barley sourdough. It’s dense – I knew it would be, but when working with a new grain I really like to start with it on it’s own so I know how it feels, acts and tastes. . And I don’t mind the density. I’m not striving after some cloud-like loaf. I want local, real and tasty. And this tastes really good. I was kind of expecting a bit ‘cardboardy’ as that’s what I’d heard. But it wasn’t. What was most exciting was that it made my tongue fizz a little as I ate it. No other loaf I’ve made has ever done that. . The barley had been destined for ancestral beer, but I can’t get this batch to germinate (and with no germination, I can’t make malt) so decided to make bread with it. I’ve since been reading about malting and it seems I need barley with all of its clothes (i.e. its husk) still on. Yet to find that here in Italy. Working on it though. . If you’re a sourdough fan and haven’t heard the latest Ancestral Kitchen podcast episode, head to your podcast app (or stream from the link in my bio). It’s an interview with @ellys.everyday. I think you’ll love it.