Back to chocolate-making (because we’ve eaten the last batch!). My son was in charge of making these, and along with the freshly-roasted and home-ground cacao beans, we added cacao butter and (for the first time) a little bit of unrefined sugar. . Most chocolatiers use refined sugar in their chocolate, because it has less of its own flavour. But he wanted the dark stuff! I think these little hearts work out to be around the 95% cacao mark. . Meantime, I’ve got myself some single origin beans from Nicaragua and am about to roast them in the cast iron pan. I’m swapping back to pan (I was previously roasting the oven) after being inspired by watching cacao expert Marcos Patchett (author of pretty amazing 700+ page book The Secret Life of Chocolate) roasting his on the stove top. . We’ve bagged Marcos (who is affectionately known as ‘The Chocolate Man’ in our house) for the @ancestralkitchenpodcast. I’m so excited to bring you 60+ minutes of chat all about ‘real’ chocolate later in the summer. . More chocolate in my story today. Because, why not?!