Happy Saturday from a grain-laden smiling me! We just got a delivery of 5kg barley, 5kg rye and 5kg of millet. It’s from @spaccio_bio_molinorosso, and awesome company who only sell organic, Italian grain. . We’ll keep all the millet out, for Boza, fermented porridges and plain-old cooked millet. We eat it so quickly. (Millet was a staple grain for so much of the world before wheat and corn got a look in, why do so many regard it as animal food now?!) . We’ll freeze the rye and take it out at intervals for freshly ground sourdough. . A portion of the barley is already tagged for beer and subsequent bread (it’ll be first go at barley beer, I’ve only done spelt up to now). The rest will also go in the freezer to keep super-fresh. . Buying grain, instead of flour, is better from a packaging, cost, health and taste perspective. But it requires a lot more time than pre-ground flour. Until recently, I’ve not had the space in my life for it. But slowly, priorities are shifting, we’re feeling more settled (no more moving *please*!) and I’ve a feeling this might become our new ‘normal’ pretty soon. . @farmandhearth and I often talk on @ancestralkitchenpodcast about how new normals take t.i.m.e. I’d love to hear what’s shifting in your life and kitchen, if you want to share.