Have you eaten lungs before? This was my first time (and my son’s too!). Here we have goat offal – heart, lungs and liver – for three (and also, coincidentally, for free!). It was carried down the hill, from @aziendaagricolapodereruggeri but my hubby, Rob. I cooked it in lard with onion, fresh garlic, sage and a little meat stock. . We ate it with sourdough rye made from grains ground in our hand-crank mill, topped with home-rendered lard from pigs raised by @valledelsasso. . And there’s a salad with lettuce from @radiciumane at our local contadini market, #mercatointransizione . It was good. Why isn’t goat a more widespread?! I’ve got the flesh to cook too – planning a roast for the ribs and then a stew for the other cuts. . And if you’re curious, the lungs were light and fluffy with a delicate flavour. My 7-year-old approved. I’ll definitely cook them again. . More (raw and cooked) pictures in my story today and saved to nose-to-tail highlight.