Spelt beer made to a 5,000-year-old process is coming to life! After 2 days of fermentation (in the inside of my slow cooker as it’s the biggest thing I had!), water, spelt sourdough starter, spelt under-cooked bread and sprouted spelt has become ‘beer’. . Here are my 4 bottles, which I’m flavouring with interesting things and leaving for a day or so to carbonate. . And the stuff in the bowl is the left over ‘mash’. I just can’t bring myself to let this out of my kitchen, so my next task, whilst the beer is maturing, is to make bread with it. . It feels so whole to be seeing this through from grain to bread to beer and to bread again. . Planning to put all the videos I couldn’t help taking in my story. I have a new highlight – Bread & Beer :-)