This sourdough bread was made with spent sprouted spelt I sieved from my beer. I am astounded by how good it is. The crumb is so soft and the flavour really deep. . It feels incredibly good to have sprouted the spelt, made bread with it, made beer with the bread and now be making bread again with the big grains I sieved out. To watch the process come full circle in my hands has been a wonder. . In addition to the big sprouted spelt berries used here, I also had another type of sieved ‘waste’ that was much finer, like soaked flour. This isn’t gong to waste either – I’ve got porridge plans for it. . I’ve podcast news too – finally we are on iTunes! If you use iTunes, go ahead and look for us – Ancestral Kitchen – we’re real :-) Thank you to my hubby for helping me navigate the Apple world from a non-Apple device. I’m showing my gratitude to him by dedicating my first batch of spelt beer to him :-)