Number 14 of The Ancestral Kitchen challenge is ‘use fat in a new way’. . I love mayonnaise. But I’ve not had it these last few years because the only oil I’ve been prepared to make it with is olive. And decent olive oil is strong; too strong for me to like the mayo it creates. When I heard @farmandhearth was making hers with bacon fat, I knew I wanted to have a go with my home-rendered lard. . The most important thing to remember, as I’ve learnt, is to use half lard, half olive oil and to warm the lard so that it is just liquidy (not hot hot). This way you can drizzle the lard, along with your olive oil, into the yolky mixture slowly. . Not wanting the buzz of my food processor, I turned to the mortar and pestle. It was *so* much more satisfying this way. . This is 2 yolks, lemon juice (I don’t like mustard in mayo), 1/2 tsp of miso (why not?!) and, I think, about a cup of fat. . I’d love for you to join in the challenge. It’s 22 prompts to inspire you to get creative in your kitchen. Check my story or click the link in my for more details.