Sorghum and millet sourdough. Lectin and gluten free and without any of those kinda-unknown ingredients that a lot of gluten-free breads have. . It’s taken me quite some months to get to this recipe. I’ve been fighting crumbliness all the way. But finally, I’m happy to share my bake. . We eat this bread most evenings. I love it as it gives my digestive system a break from heavier grains, whilst also granting me something ready and bready for my supper. . 425g sorghum (we ground ours at home but you could use flour) 75g millet (as above!) 120g sorghum or millet starter (if you want info on how to make this, DM me) 50g ground linseed (may be called flax seed where you live!) 8g salt 380-425ml non-chlorinated water (see below) . Mix the sorghum and millet flours with the salt and ground linseed. Add the water to the peaking sourdough starter and combine. Pour the starter/water into the dry ingredients and mix well. Use enough water to make a firm batter – it shouldn’t pour out of the tin, but blob loosely out! . Leave somewhere warm for 5-6 hours; until you can see/smell active fermentation. Then pile the mix into a well-greased and floured or lined and greased (the bread has a tendency to stick so don’t ignore this part!) tin. Cover the leave to ferment for a further 1-2 hours. . You’ll need to cook this in a covered environment. Some options are to place the tin on a baking tray/pizza stone and cover with an upturned bowl, tent the loaf tin really well with foil, or use a loaf tin with a lid. . Cook at 210C for 15 minutes and then turn down to 190C for 45 minutes. The loaf should feel firm when pressed and have an internal temperature of higher than 95C. . This loaf will last 4-5 days. If it gets too dry, it’ll come to life again by frying it in a generous amount of fat (in fact, this is a good thing to do with it full stop!) . Let me know if you bake it :-)