These are ‘niblets’, named that by my 7 year-old. He loves them. So do I. . Niblets are the crunchy pieces of solid fat that are left-over after rendering lard in the slow-cooker all day. . I had them here for supper last night. I sprinkled them with salt and served with some #lectinfree millet and sorghum sourdough warmed gently in the cast iron pan and topped with #rawmilk Parmesan. Alongside was a sliced tomato from Irene at our local farmers’ market. . Eating real food, I consistently leave the table satisfied. My senses have been fed, my tummy’s been given something that it can digest and loves and my sanity and sense of economy knows that every penny spent on this meal went to places that I really want it to go. . I love that I can harness the power of my plate in this way.