Do you know Elly? She’s a legend in the online sourdough world. If you want to bake sourdough, or want to bake more sourdough (and who doesn’t?!) her YouTube channel is such a fount of clear, non-nonsense, simple advice. . And we got her on the podcast! Quite ambitious for our first ever guest. But the technology, working over three different continents held up and I’m delighted to bring you the interview. . We talk about wholegrain baking, starters, milling, gluten-free sourdough, baking issues *and* we even get to chat about Elly’s other passion – soap-making. . I’ll pop a run down of the contents from this @ellys.everyday episode in my story today. You can download by searching for Ancestral Kitchen on your podcast app, or stream it from the link on my site (click on my bio link to get there). . And if you haven’t yet, head over to @ancestralkitchenpodcast :-)