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Do you love being in the kitchen?

Are you passionate about ancestral food?

Do you want to be inspired, supported and encouraged in your food journey?

Ancestral Kitchen Podcast is for you!

Pull up a chair with me, a European townie, and my co-host Andrea, an American homesteader as we share, laugh and learn together.

#52 – Homesteading the Final Frontier

Imagine buying bare land in Alaska and building your own farm from the ground up. Imagine raising cows and chickens there and growing virtually all your own food. Imagine doing this whilst also being a mum to three youngsters (two of whom are baby twins) and having a partner who works a job away from home. Today, Andrea talks to Amanda Callahan, the lady who is doing just that.… Read More

#51 – Your Sourdough Questions Answered

“How do I use different ancient grains in making sourdough bread?” “How do they behave differently from wheat?” “How do I freeze and store dough or finished bread?” “And why do all those loaves on Instagram look like THAT, and mine looks like THIS?” All these questions and many more crop up when we discuss sourdough bread.… Read More

#50 – 20 Small Steps to an Ancestral Kitchen

Do you want to know how to transition your kitchen and your eating to ancestral methods? Maybe you’ve tried before or stopped and started multiple times? Perhaps you have the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, but feel so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to go next? In this episode, we will make it easy for you!… Read More

#49 – Traditional Slovakian Food

Naomi Huzovicova is a passionate and talented ancestral cook, a food story discoverer and an amazing photographer. She has lived and cooked up Slovakian food culture for 17 years and we’re grateful to her for sharing so much of its uniqueness with us. In this episode we open up the rich world that is Slovakian food.… Read More

#48 – Talking Fermentation With Kirsten Shockey

We know you want to know about fermentation! And who better to ask than the author of five fermentation books and co-founder of The Fermentation School, Kirsten Shockey. With over 20 years of experience in fermentation Kirsten has so much to share that’ll inform, enlighten and, frankly, change the way you eat.… Read More

#47 – Christmas Survival Guide

Are you stressed about over-eating or over-indulging during the holidays? Do you travel to visit relatives, and you are anxious about eating a nourishing ancestral diet while away from home? What about the children?… Read More

#46 – How To Feed The World Sustainably With Sir Patrick Holden

In this episode I talk to Sir Patrick Holden, head of The Sustainable Food Trust and 50-year farmer and sustainable food activist. You’ll hear us talk about his latest research into how the UK could feed itself using fertiliser/pesticide-free sustainable agriculture (with no grain-fed animals!), the tools to take this global, and how this lifetime campaigner for sustainable animal-involved agriculture feels about lab meat, supermarkets, ground-up change and much more.… Read More