#46 – How To Feed The World Sustainably With Sir Patrick Holden

So you are really passionate about regenerative, sustainable agriculture and food, right?

And how many times have you heard, “Yes, that’s all very nice but you couldn’t feed the world that way; it wouldn’t work at scale!

In this episode I talk to Sir Patrick Holden, the man who’s building the roadmap to show us that it could.

You’ll hear us talk about his latest research into how the UK could feed itself using fertiliser/pesticide-free sustainable agriculture (with no grain-fed animals!), the tools to take this global, and how this lifetime campaigner for sustainable animal-involved agriculture feels about lab meat, supermarkets, ground-up change and much more.

We’re so grateful to him for sharing a little of his 50 year career as both a farmer and an activist with us.

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What We Talk About:

* The Sustainable Food Trust’s recent report ‘Feeding Britain From The Ground Up’

* How the UK could grow its staple foods using regenerative agriculture

* The roadblocks in the way of this change and how we can address them

* The metric being developed that would allow farmers worldwide to measure their sustainability using the same framework

* Whether there’s a role for laboratory-generated meat in a sustainable food future

* Whether this shift needs to come from top-down or bottom-up

* What, if you can’t give them up, you need to be asking the supermarkets you shop at

* What Sir Patrick thinks we need now in order to create the change

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2 Responses

  • This was my favorite podcast episode to date. And I don’t say that lightly because I love them all !
    I am a small pastured livestock farmer and a young vegan couple moved in next door. Within a year of coming to my farm, discussing practices and knowing me, they were raising their OWN livestock to feed their family. No one had took the time to show them an alternative to veganism. They just assumed it was the only way to make a difference. I loved listening to your questions Alison for sir Patrick and his responses were spot on. Thank you so much for this one!

    • Thank you Jennifer! This is one of the episodes I am most proud of as a creator, so I am so happy to hear you enjoyed it. What a great experience you’ve had with your neighbours. Just like Patrick said, the lived experience – seeing it – can change lives. Keep up your good work 🙂

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