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Pull up a chair with me, a European townie, and my co-host Andrea, an American homesteader as we share, laugh and learn together.

#43 – Fertility – It’s More Than Just Pregnancy!

Fertility is an indication of peak health. Yet, in our modern-day thinking, we have reduced fertility to simply something you look at when you want to get pregnant. In this episode, we recount Alison’s incredible fertility journey, what the doctors told her about her hopes of ever conceiving naturally, and what she found as a solution.… Read More

#42 – How To Get (& Grind) The Best Flour For Bread

“Find a supplier of as locally sourced grains as possible…find a mill; a coop and support them!” If you’re a bread-maker, this episode’s for you. We welcome back the fabulous Elly from Elly’s Everyday to the podcast to talk about … Read More

#41 -Wholegrain Sourdough Rye: Mastering The Basics

Why am I so obsessed with rye? It’s because I love it… Rye is just so special. – Alison Where to begin with sourdough rye bread? This is a topic that both Alison and Andrea have received so many questions about. Alison … Read More