#49 – Traditional Slovakian Food

Naomi Huzovicova is a passionate and talented ancestral cook, a food story discoverer and an amazing photographer. She has lived and cooked up Slovakian food culture for 17 years and we’re grateful to her for sharing so much of its uniqueness with us.

In this episode we open up the rich world that is Slovakian food. Naomi explains what it is, and importantly why it is like that. You’ll get a history lesson via our talk of ferments, bread and fats, and you’ll get to know two simple dishes that represent Slovakian food that you’ll want to cook up in your kitchens right away.

Due to tech issues the audio quality on this episode is not as good as normal, but the content is top-notch!

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What we cover:

  • What epitomises Slovakian food? “Having a full belly”!
  • Slovakian food/farming culture and the way it has been shaped by the country’s history
  • Slovakian fermentation
  • Strapačky – dumplings, sauerkraut and bacon
  • Bryndzové halušky – dumplings with sheep’s cheese
  • Fats in Slovakian food
  • Slovakian Sunday lunch
  • Traditional drinks
  • Slovakian bread
  • The Best Liver Pate recipe (Naomi learnt it from her butcher)

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Straight after recording this podcast Naomi cooked up Strapačky using a sourdough mix, sauerkraut and local bacon in her kitchen with the cameras on for us! To watch the recording and be a part of our community, check out our Companionship level over at Patreon

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