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Do you love being in the kitchen?

Are you passionate about ancestral food?

Do you want to be inspired, supported and encouraged in your food journey?

Ancestral Kitchen Podcast is for you!

Pull up a chair with me, a European townie, and my co-host Andrea, an American homesteader as we share, laugh and learn together.

#59 – Alison & Rob’s Personal Experience with GAPS

Have you ever thought the GAPS protocol might be for you? Are you considering trying it, or you’ve just heard about it and wonder how it fits into a healing journey? Are you struggling to bring grains into your diet without digestive issues, or wondering what you can do to replenish a gut system damaged by antibiotics? This is the episode for you.… Read More

#58 – Ancestral Cooking for Schools & Retreats with Hilary Boynton

Hilary Boynton is the creator of the School of Lunch, a week long academy held a few times a year that teaches attendees from around the world how to put together incredible nourishing ancestral traditional food programs that they can use in whatever application they need – in running a school lunch program which is what Hilary does in California, in a business, for retreats or wellness spaces, at home or wherever they wish to implement a meal program. In this episode I got to sit down with Hilary and ask her to give me a peek into what happens at their academy.… Read More

#57 – Celebrating the Ancestral Food of Wales

In this episode, Alison talks to Carwyn Graves, author of Welsh Food Stories, a beautiful chronicle of the ancestral food of Wales. They talk about food born from landscape, sustainability, women as the holders of ancestral heritage, fermentation, bread and much much more…… Read More

#55 – Anita from Weston Price Recipes

Making the Weston A Price principles accessible, simple, and approachable for everybody is what Anita is so good at. Anita is a wife and mother living in Colorado, USA, serving up delicious, nourishing meals every day. She has mastered the ancestral food principles, and she can teach you how to roast a whole chicken and make the gravy in just a few sentences!… Read More

#54 – What Have We Done To Beer?! (& What Can We Do About It?)

Did you know that women have been the predominant brewers of beer throughout history….up to just 400 years ago? How about that up till that same time period beer tasted completely different to the beer we are used to now? Join us in this episode to hear the real story of beer, how we messed it up and why Alison is passionate about bringing beer back where it belongs – the kitchen!… Read More

#53 – Raw Milk: Our Ancestral Heritage

Have you wondered if raw milk is truly safe? Why did we start pasteurizing it in the first place? Have our ancestors always drunk milk? What is the fermentation all about, and is it really necessary? In this episode, we will share some of what we have learned about raw milk over the past ten years.… Read More