I'd like regular ancestral cooking emails!

The Ancestral Kitchen podcast is my bi-weekly hour of joy – I get to sit down with Andrea Huehnerhoff and have an unbridled chat about being a passionate ancestral home cook!

She lives on a newly-created family farm in north-west Washington state, many miles away from my townie apartment kitchen here in Italy. And yet we’re tied together – we’re both centering our lives on the wisdom of ancestral cooking and eating.

I’d love for you to pull up a chair and join us.

And I’ve much gratitude to my hubby, Robert Michael Kay, who does the audio production for us and who wrote the theme. You can find him at www.robertmichaelkay.com

#10 – Elly from Elly’s Everday; Sourdough-Baking & Soap-Making

If you’re interested in whole grain sourdough baking (or soap-making) Elly is the one to know! She has two fantastic You Tube channels with wonderfully clear, non-nonsense recipes. Listen to us quiz her on all things sourdough *and* get a chat in about making your own soap too!… Read More

#8 – Kitchen Management & Avoiding Burnout

Everyone who’s passionate, creative and enthusiastic has experienced stress in the kitchen, right?! In this episode we deal with Kitchen Management and Burnout, giving them the attention and care they need. Listen in to feel met (we struggle too!) and hopefully pick up some ideas to take into your own kitchens.… Read More

#6 – Six Books We Love!

“The best books are ones that spin you off on a path; imbue you with passion”

And these 6 do! Listen to hear Andrea and I talk about 3 books each. Hers are some of her favourites; mine are the ones I’m reading now. … Read More

#5 – What We’re Fermenting Right Now!

In this episode, we give a snapshot of what’s bubbling in our kitchens right now. From medicinal vegetable ferments to historic fizzy Turkish drinks, come listen and share in our creations.… Read More

#4 – The 5 Most Expensive (And Yet The Cheapest) Foods

What if eating real food didn’t have to be prohibitively expensive? The most nutritious, real, nourishing foods have traditionally been the cheapest and simplest – conversely, the expensive, rich meals of the wealthy were often laborious productions involving sweets and refined foods.… Read More