If your whole ancient grain sourdoughs aren’t turning out how you want don’t despair! . I have made *many* disappointing loaves in my sourdough life. To get there it takes time, patience, practise and a bit of good advice. . There’s a lot of advice out there on sourdough. So much so that frankly, it’s overwhelming. So find one person you resonate with and stick with them, making loves and learning. . I will be bringing out a free sourdough starter video course over at @thefermentationschool in a few weeks and @farmandhearth have had so many questions between us, that we’re putting together a ‘Sourdough Q&A’ episode of @ancestralkitchenpodcast soon. . If you have questions (no question too ‘stupid’ or ‘small’), comment here or send me a DM. We’ll try to cover them all in the forthcoming episode.