Can you imagine a school canteen serving beet kvass, organ meats, bone broth and raw fermented dairy?! 26,000 meals like that in their first year?! . When Hilary Boynton of @school_of_lunch_ saw the food at her kids school going downhill, she went in and took over, and boy, how she took over…transforming the kitchen into an ancestral food heaven. . In today’s @ancestralkitchenpodcast, @farmandhearth and I pin the amazingness that is Hilary down. We talk about how she has and continues to do it, what changes she’s seen in the children and families around her, how she’s taking her teaching global and how she stays healthy herself (did I mention she’s written a book and cares for six children too?!) . Hilary is a true trailblazer – there was no model for what she did, and despite the prevailing profit-driven food crisis she gets up everyday and does what she can with bells on! . She’s a total inspiration to me. I’m getting goosebumps just writing this!! Thank you Hilary :-) . You can find the episode by searching for Ancestral Kitchen Podcast in your podcast app or you can stream/download from my site, the link’s in my profile.