#38 – Fat Rendering, Traditional Food Gems & Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

As well as recording two podcasts a month, Alison & Andrea also sit down together once a month to catch up on what’s been happening in their own food worlds. These chats are recorded these chats especially for the patrons of the Ancestral Kitchen Podcast.

As the podcasts this month are all about bringing you closer, what better than to share one of these intimate chats with you?! So coming up you’ve got them both at the kitchen table, tea in hand, sharing, laughing and learning together.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Alison’s process for wet-rendering fat including the pros and cons of this method.
  • Andrea’s take on the the diaries of Nella Last and the food gems she found in her WW1&2 writings.
  • A hilarious discussion on the many ways to cook eggs, including Alison’s UK-based expertise on soft boiled eggs and soldiers.
  • About the book Alison considers the best read on traditional English food.
  • Andrea quiz Alison on the technicalities of the English cup of tea!

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The Run Down:

0:00 Last foods and new patrons!

11.45 Rendering fat using the wet method.

“If you want a very clear, very pure, very odour-free fat, try it this way”

21:18 Fat storage – room temperature or fridge?

25:00 Nella Last’s WW1&2 diaries

“I want to shout loudly to all the mothers and tell them how important they are!”

31:30 Restriction enhancing creativity

“I wish we could bring back the offal recipes”

40:20 Andrea quizzes Alison on the word ‘tea’ as used in England

48:45 Food in England by Dorothy Hartley

49:30 Cooking eggs – boiling, ‘coddling’, poaching, scrambling/rumbling, omlettes

“She uses ‘rumbled’ instead of scrambled. I think I might start using that word!”

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