Being away from home does not mean you have to stop eating good bread. . Here is an impromptu sourdough spelt pizza topped with leftovers plus my tips for making sourdough bread away from home. . 1 – Feed your starter just before you leave and give it less water than you normally do. This will help it last longer. Refresh it when you get to your destination. . 2 – Take a silicone loaf tin with you for light, flexible bread-making. . 3 – Consider different containers to that which you normally use – I’ve used casserole dishes and foil-covered shallow dishes to bake whilst away. . 4 – If you don’t have access to a set of scales, use this as an opportunity to test your intuitive baking skills – add less water to the dough at the beginning and let your mixing tell you how much more you need. . 5 – Let go of your expectations! Sourdough is good even if it collapses or gets a little burnt. A bread’s worth is not measured by how Instgrammable it is…I promise! . If you have any sourdough-outside-the-home questions let me know :-) The recipe for this pizza is available in my profile.