Bubble & Squeak… or put in a slightly more mundane way, cabbage and potato! . Bubble & Squeak is a dish that’s been around a long time in England. It was originally fried leftover beef, cabbage and potato, but we seem to have forgotten about the beef these days and it’s made now with just cabbage and potato. . The name comes from the noise it makes during cooking. The bubble from the frying and, I guess, the squeak from the shiny cabbage. . Here I’ve used home-rendered tallow to fry, adding onions to start and next chopping cold boiled potatoes (the small, new kind) and frying with the onion till they started to brown. I then put in the left-over cabbage, some salt and pepper and cooked well. . Do you have a dish like this in your food ancestry? Potatoes and cabbage are such kitchen stalwarts I know there must be other similar combos out there!