#34 – Our Favourite Nourishing Traditions Recipes

“We love this book so much!”

The ancestral cook’s bible: Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon-Morell

We love this book and we’ve cooked so much from it. In this episode you’ll hear which six recipes from the hundreds filling its pages are our absolute favourites. We’ll share why we love them, give you tips about the ingredients and processes, and talk about how we’ve used them to feed our families and friends and made them our own.

Our six go-to dishes include two breakfasts, two mains, a dessert and a vegetable ferment and hail from all over the globe. Whether you have a copy of the book yet or not listen in and you’ll leave totally inspired to make these delicious, nutritious dishes part of your own kitchen and life!

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The Run Down:

5:20 So many new things coming to the podcast Patreon

11:34 We love Nourishing Traditions so much!

13:10 Alison’s choice #1: Ginger Carrots (p95)

“This is a fabulous recipe to bring to people who haven’t had fermented foods before”

20:39 Andrea’s choice #1: Cultured Milk Smoothie (p88)

“Post-partum this was my great discovery….I could make it with one hand!”

25:40 Alison’s choice #2: Kasha (p464)

“You’ve got the toasty flavour of the buckwheat, you’ve got the depth of the egg, you’ve got the richness of the butter…and then the chicken stock. I can’t stop making it!”

33:35 Andrea’s choice #2: Breakfast Porridge (p455)

40:45 Alison’s choice #3: Dosas (p510)

52:00 Andrea’s choice #3: Gingerbread (p547)

“It’s so decadent!”

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