Fermented food waste grew this chard! . I have a tiny, container-only patio garden with no space for making compost. Last year, I started making bokashi – that is fermenting my food waste. Come winter, I dug the fermented scraps (including bones, cooked food, cheese as well as veg scraps) into my containers and left them to ‘sleep’ until Spring. . Having no idea whether it had worked, I planted beets, carrots, borage, calendula, parsnips, buckwheat and more into the containers a few months back. They’ve dug their roots into the ferment and are doing really well! . This is my second chard harvest (I thought I was growing beets, but seems the greens are doing amazingly too). Going to steam and eat with some sausages and bread for lunch. . If you’ve thought about making bokashi, I’d give it the thumbs up.