#11 – Nourishing Traditions: THE Ancestral Cookbook

In this episode, Andrea and Alison talk about the cookbook that has healed the way they view, cook and eat food, THE ancestral cookbook, Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions.

Technical Note: Andrea’s microphone cord was touching part of the microphone stand, so you can hear a subtle metallic brushing every so often. This unusual issue has been resolved for future recordings. Our apologies for this audio interruption!

If Alison the raw vegan could see me now she would see someone who is a lot happier, more content, and more in touch with things than I was back then. A lot of it comes with taking a journey and embracing it, stepping forward into the unknown, even though it’s scary, and changing. That’s what Nourishing Traditions helped me to do.” – Alison

What we cover:

09:30 The upcoming Nourishing Traditions Zoom cook-up!

11:10 What is Nourishing Traditions?

16:45 When Andrea got the book and what it changed for her

20:30 When Alison got the book and how it helped guide her journey to restored fertility

34:30 The contents of the book

39:30 Andrea’s favourite recipes

41:20 Alison’s favourite recipes

48:00 A dive into the footnotes

57:00 Recipes we want to cook from it!

1:01:20 The importance of rhythm in ancestral cooking

1:03:50 Sally’s other books

Resources mentioned:

Nourishing Traditions blog: https://nourishingtraditions.com/

Andrea’s old blog

In Bibi’s Kitchen by Hawa Hassan and Julia Turshen

Nourished Kitchen – Natural Whole Foods Recipes

The “sparks of light” quote from Nourishing Traditions that Andrea read came from page 401

Les aliments fermentés traditionnels : Une richesse méconnue by Claude Aubert

Ageless Remedies from Mother’s Kitchen – Hannah Kroeger

We love Nourishing Traditions so much, we’ve decided to host a live cook-up on zoom of three of its recipes. This interactive event is available free to Patrons of Ancestral Kitchen Podcast – they can come on live or download it (in audio or video format) at any time in the future by accessing our exclusive-to-patrons conent feed. If you would like to come join, check below for more details:

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