#26 – Bones & Water – The Magic of Stock

“Stock will bring you so many more benefits than muscle meat on its own and for about a tenth of the price”

Take the left-over bones from an animal, combine them with water and some gentle heat and then wait. You’ll be gifted with one of the most revered food stuffs worldwide: Stock. It’s nourishing, comforting, tasty and the base of so much good food.

Listen in to hear us wax lyrical over this simple food, then talk about how we make it, the different types and how we use it in our kitchens.

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The run down:

2:10 What Andrea ate for breakfast and then what Alison ate for lunch

18:20 Talking about stock – a quote

22:22 Stock’s historical clout

24:00 Why stocks are so popular

26:00 Health benefits of stock

“Stock is the best sports recovery and protein drink out there”

30:50 Why Andrea makes stock

32:20 Why Alison makes stock

34:55 Difference between bone broth and meat stock

38:30 The practicalities

39:20 How we cook it – equipment and routines

“Add in some herbs when you warm it up for an extra boost”

42:40 Add-ins to the pot and roasting the bones

46:52 The smell of stock cooking

49:40 Pork stock

“Cooking grains in stock is great!”

50:52 Fish stock

53:14 Heads and feet!

54:16 To skim or not?

54:52 Skinning chicken feet

56:05 Industrial stock

1:03:35 How we use stock in our kitchens and lives

“You can use stock with sourdough discard to make gravy”

1:06:12 Gravy and how Andrea makes hers

1:10:55 Freezing stock

Hot chocolate broth? I’m going to go and make one!”

Resources Mentioned

The Ancestral Kitchen Challenge

Chef Aran Goldstein

The Fermentation School

Nourishing Traditions, the book

Nourishing Broth, the book

Jo Whitton’s Quirky Cooking podcast episode on stock

Chewing The Fat, the book

BBC program archive

BBC Food Program on stock

Alison’s recipe for Sourdough Discard Soup

Kobo Fermentary, on Instagram

Andrea’s post on freezing in jars

Katy Bowman’s work

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