I love lardo on pizza. Not only does the fat come out, making the whole thing glisten, but the remaining bits crisp up giving a salty crunch. . This is #sourdoughspelt pizza (with home-cured lardo) cooked on the stove in my cast iron pan! Thanks to @charlieb_eattheearth who shared this method with me a few weeks back. She made pizza this way on the road when she travelled with her family on @babybusadventures around Europe. . Hoping to get Charlie on @ancestralkitchenpodcast soon. I’m so interested to hear her experience of attempting to eat ancestrally whilst living, with two little ones, on four wheels. . Meantime, the ancestral ale we drank with this pizza is in my highlights today, along with more pizza pictures and, if I can get the tech to work, Charlie’s method! . Let me know if you want to give the stove-top pizza method a go :-)