#68 – Naturally Fermented Dairy in the Home with Robyn Jackson

If you’re bringing raw milk into your home, whether it is through a herd share, shopping from a local raw dairy or co-op, or you have a cow on the back pasture, it is inevitable that we start wanting to value-add that milk; both adding nutritional value to it by culturing it in our homes, and adding monetary value by making raw milk into what would be higher priced items from the store.

In this episode Robyn who is the creator over at Cheese From Scratch on Instagram is here to teach us about creating your own cheese starter on the counter at home, and producing naturally fermented cheese in your own kitchen.

We also recorded an aftershow episode where we covered some more advanced aspects of cheesemaking, as well as information on raising cows, choosing cows, milking cows, and just cow things in general. You can join as a Patron today to hear this and, as of this recording, about 80 other bonus episodes and aftershows for supporters of the podcast.

This was a really fun early morning recording with Robyn. We are both in rural areas and our internet went out multiple times during this recording, so hopefully we’ve patched up all those holes, but if you hear any funny silences or we talk over each other asking “are you there?” you can excuse those audio bloopers, and enjoy all this amazing content that Robyn has to offer.

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Robyn’s Website and link to Milkmaid Society

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Robyn on Instagram

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