4 reasons to bake with rye: . 1/ Rye has a lower gluten content than wheat. If you or anyone you know struggles with gluten, or if you want to try a lower-gluten bread, rye is a great option. . 2/ Wholegrain rye has unbeatable flavour! There’s a reason why traditional German and Russian rye breads taste so good. With all of the bran, you get all of the deep, dark flavour of this sweeter-than-wheat grain. . 3/ Sourdough starters are better with wholegrain rye. There is no better flour to kick-start you starter and to make it easy to maintain. It’ll be really active and you won’t need to refresh it as often, it can go in the fridge and you can get on with other things. . 4/ With rye, there’s no need to knead or shape. Due to their lack of gluten, rye bread do not rise using the same mechanism as wheat-style breads. This means no kneading and no worrying about whether you’re shaping it right. . The words in the image are from a lovely lady @weissenhofnicole who, prior to taking my course Rye Sourdough Bread: Mastering the Basics, did not have a sourdough starter and had not made rye sourdough bread. You can get fantastic results even if you are a beginner. . There’s a link in my profile to the course, which has a free preview (you can check out my style and decide whether it’s for you). I’ll add a clickable link to my story today too. If you want to know more about baking with rye and like podcasts, listen to @ancestralkitchenpodcast #41 where you’ll hear @farmandhearth quiz me about rye bread-making :-)