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Wholegrain Rye Sourdough Bread: Mastering The Basics

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Would you love to be able to create delicious wholegrain rye sourdough breads in your kitchen?

My course Wholegrain Rye Sourdough Bread: Mastering The Basics will teach you everything you need know to get creating rye breads at home whether you’re a complete sourdough novice or a seasoned baker!

You’ll learn:

  • Rye’s rich history.Rye
  • Why rye sourdough is such a good health choice, especially if you struggle to digest wheat.
  • How to create and easily maintain a rye sourdough starter.
  • How to bake an Everyday Rye Sourdough loaf.
  • How to use more advanced techniques to create a delicious Russian Borodinsky-style sourdough loaf.
  • How to use your sourdough discard including two in-depth recipes for discard pancakes and discard spice bread.

The course has over two hours of video instruction plus many additional downloadable files. Use the button under the course title above to buy the course from The Fermentation School for 110USD.

3 reviews for Wholegrain Rye Sourdough Bread: Mastering The Basics

  1. Nicole Porteous

    I found this course to be exactly what I was looking for. A course that showed me how to create a sourdough bread from 100% local wholegrain rye. So many rye recipes use a portion of white flour and I wasn’t interested in them. I wanted a fully wholegrain solution. The results are fantastic! The everyday rye bread tastes better than many sourdough rye bread I am able to buy from professional bakers… With Alison’s help, I was able to create a truly healthy robust starter that I look forward to baking with the years to come. I can heartily recommend this course to anyone interested in perfecting their baking with rye or really anybody interested in having a super starter for all their other sourdough projects.

  2. Elaine Kippenhahn

    Alison explains very well how to prepare and bake the breads, step-by-step. It makes it very easy and the results are wonderful! I’m not new to sourdough and wholegrain but rye and I always had a difficult relationship…now we are best friends! Thank you Alison you did a very good job.

  3. Dana Horton

    I’m so glad I signed up for this course!…You did an excellent job of explaining everything and am so looking forward to baking fresh bread again. Thank you!

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