Sustainable Kitchen BONUS: Interview with Lindsay Miles

It never occurred to me that I was part of the problem, and that I could be part of the solution. – Lindsay

Lindsay Miles is an author, creator and all-around inspirational educator on the subject of zero-waste living, less-waste living and sustainable living! In this episode, Alison asks Lindsay some questions about Lindsay’s experience with getting out of the supermarkets and learning to shop in alternate routes.

Nobody is doing it perfectly … But 70% is better than no percent! – Lindsay

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The Run Down:

01:41 Why Lindsay quit supermarkets (for the most part!)

06:31 Making use of the supermarkets

12:31 What was the most difficult part of leaving the supermarket?

14:57 Tackling plastic use

16:53 Budgeting

19:00 Lindsay’s recommendation for getting started

Start small. It’s really easy to want to go in headfirst … and those are the stories we always hear about because they sound so dramatic, but most people don’t change like that.

– Lindsay

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Lindsay’s Website

Lindsay’s Quitting Supermarket’s Article

The Less Waste, No-Fuss Kitchen by Lindsay Miles

The Less Waste, No-Fuss Kitchen in Italian

Less Stuff: Simple Zero-Waste Steps to a Joyful and Clutter-Free Life by Lindsay Miles

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