#39 – The Sustainable Kitchen: Practical Advice

From our kitchens, through what we do every single day, we can make a huge difference in the impact we have on the world. – Alison

Try to find what the land around you can provide and use that in your kitchen. That is the absolutely central thing to making your kitchen sustainable. – Alison

The idea of a sustainable kitchen is simultaneously alluring, and intimidating; not the least of which because as interest in this subject has grown, an entire host of products have ironically cropped feed on our lack of confidence and self-questioning when it comes to the world of ethical sustainability.

However, there is a type of sustainability that is, well, sustainable, and that is what we talk about in this episode. We also address some of the reasons we think it is so important to work towards a sustainable kitchen, and some of the practical tips we use to achieve this goal.

We have not always been so destructive, and extractive, and disposable in our habits and in our kitchens. Let’s look back at what our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did.

– Alison

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Let’s remember how people lived before we had the ability to ship foods literally across the entire world, on a whim, as normal. – Alison

The Run Down:

04:14 What we ate and Lazy Verenicke

17:15 Were Alison and Andrea on the same train in Russia, at the same time?!

19:45 Why Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable

23:15 Achieving the best of both worlds

How can you say that someone in Korea should be eating the same thing as someone in Ireland? – Alison

30:37 Sourcing and shipping

The politicians are not going to do anything … It’s up to us to take responsibility. – Alison

44:54 Bonus content for listeners

46:45 Sustainable agriculture and the true cost to consumers

51:22 Food Scraps

55:43 Containers and wraps, freezing in glass jars

56:55 Cleaning

01:02:45 Tools & tips

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Take the wisdom of the ancient days and combine it with modern technology, and see if we can find a better way to live. – Andrea



Lazy Verenicke

Pierogi Dough

Beat together:

8 eggs

1 cup warm water

Teaspoon salt

Mix in:

6 cups flour

Knead together, leave overnight or for an hour.

Roll into sheets, cut in squares, fill with desired filling. Fold over to seal, and boil in water to cook.

Dara Goldstein, Beyond the North Wind

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Bokashi Compost

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