#37 – A Peek Into Alison & Rob’s Ancestral Lifestyle

“’OK,’ you say, “Well, there’s organic food in the supermarket.” It’s unaffordable, it is so expensive. Whereas if you buy from the people who you actually meet and you know, cut out all the middlemen, suddenly this good food becomes affordable.”

As a podcast listener you have already enjoyed Rob’s original music in the intro, as well as the benefits of his careful mixing and editing – now he gets to sit in front of the microphone and share some of his thoughts!

Alison and Rob have spent a lifetime cultivating and working towards an ancestral lifestyle that encompasses every aspect of their lives, not just the meals on the table. In this intimate episode, they sit down together on a very hot summer day to share some details of their lives and how they have shaped their days into a rhythmic, peaceful pattern that serves them the way they need it to.

“When I die, I will have spent a lot of years washing up.”

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“I have a lot of barely repressed anger around supermarkets … It even runs in the family; I think this is a hereditary condition.”

The Run Down:

3:02 Breakfast

6:30 Sleep

14:58 Coffee

“I don’t mind it being roasted a lot, the problem I have is most coffee seems to me that it was burned in the process of roasting … and you can taste it!”

27:12 Showers & Breathing

(American listeners, 40◦C is 104◦F!)

“I’m a singer and I need to have relaxed control of the muscles in my body… These practices release tension… They have been proven in studies … to be very effective at strengthening your immune system.”

36:27 During the day: Shopping

46:00 Life without a car

49:32 Eating

55:45 WiFi, IT, Lights

1:08:53 Patron goodies

“Why pay for a gym membership when you could make it part of your daily life to use your body?”

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“I just want to spend the next half hour talking about how supermarkets give you too much choice, and how having too much choice is terrible for your state of mind.”


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Rob promised us a whole episode on coffee!!!! Let’s not let him forget it, that would be fascinating!

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Wim Hof Books

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“My theory is they’ve done this to all of the specialized foods in the world … I think that the thing you’re craving is natural, but the way that it’s prepared is making people ill.”

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Original Music, Episode Mixing and Post-Production by Robert Michael Kay

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