Today, Aug 1st, we will celebrate Lughnasadh (pronounced loo-naa-saa) by eating this home-made spelt sourdough pizza. . Lughnasadh is a traditional Gaelic festival (that was co-opted into the newer Christianity as ‘Lammas’ or Loaf-Mass Day) that gives thanks for the wheat harvest. . With food ever present in our lives, it’s so easy to forget that it grows in the ground, there are seasons, it needs to be harvested. Just a few generations ago, these rituals were central to our lives. With industrialisation, they’ve faded, but the importance of nourishing ourselves has not. . I am so grateful for the energy, satiation and nutrition that grains give me and my family. Properly prepared, they are an amazing food. . I send you Lughnasadh greetings. If you want to love the grains you have around you and need some inspiration or guidance, you can check out the @ancestralkitchenpodcast episode on grains (#19) or bake up my pizza – the recipe is in my profile.